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Build a profitable business with
Blossom Home Care

You can become a Blossom Home Care franchisee by investing as little as £30K to £35K and a matching bank loan, taking your total stake to £60K to £70K.

As a family firm with family values, we’ll even stagger your payments if you’re the right franchisee and it helps you get started.

In return, you’ll be buying yourself a business-in-a-box that’s highly lucrative, rapidly profitable, and will make a real difference to the community.

Amy Shearsmith, our Beverley franchisee, achieved the astonishing feat of breaking even financially in her first month - something almost unheard-of in the world of franchising - and expects her business to be far more profitable than she’d ever imagined as she’s already picked up double the number of hours she was initially hoping for.

You could be the next her.

For as soon as word got around that Amy was opening her own business, clients clamoured to sign up, promising her 35 hours a week before she’d even opened her doors.


"The documentation, software and systemsthat Blossom provide are extremely thorough and a huge advantage to the business"

Amy & Adam - Blossom Homecare Beverley Franchisees

The 200 hours she dreamed of turned into 400 in reality, and she’s already having to employ more staff to cope with the demand from well-heeled clients who want the premium care Blossom Home Care is famous for.

Despite Amy’s experience in the care sector, it’s the first time she’s owned her own business - and she’s not just succeeded but absolutely aced it due to the wraparound support, training and mentoring we’ve given her.

Ask her for her secret and she’ll tell you she simply followed the business plan we gave her and acted on the advice we gave.

It’s hardly rocket science, but our proven formula could make you as successful as Amy.

Are you ready for take-off?

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