Blossom Home Care founder Fiona featured in Care Talk’s ‘Ask The Experts’

Fiona Leggott, the award-winning co-founder of revolutionary care-in-your-own-home company Blossom Home Care, has been called on yet again to share her insights and expertise with her peers in the industry.

In the Winter issue of the industry bible Care Talk, Fiona is featured in the Ask The Experts section, talking about what inspired her own rise to leadership.

She reveals how, as a practising Registered Nurse, she was deeply dissatisfied with the standards of care available to the vulnerable people who needed it.

“People were frequently receiving failed or inadequate care from an unhappy workforce,” she tells the magazine.

“I was disappointed and disillusioned and became very passionate about making change happen as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

“I knew that for change to happen, the way in which care was being undertaken had to be redesigned and reassessed.

“So along with my business-minded husband, John, we decided to take on that challenge.

“Setting up Blossom Home Care was based on a strong ethos, strong values and a new approach.

“We’re now a well-known multi-award-winning brand with a great reputation for our superb care, positive working culture, and emphasis on employee health and wellbeing.

“We look to nurture and promote those within our organisation. We love to celebrate successes.

“We have a fantastic team who really do put a smile on the faces of our service and make a difference to people’s lives, enabling them to not just exist but to live.”

Fiona, who has been celebrated for her leadership, set out with her husband to break the mould of home care.

They introduced home visits of at least 50 minutes instead of the usual 15, pay carers better, and enable the cared-for and their loved ones to monitor the care at every stage via a bespoke app.

Blossom’s fresh approach to care in the home means clients are able to call the shots and live on their own terms rather than having care inflicted upon them by over-worked and under-paid carers with barely time to say hello or goodbye in a 15-minute whirlwind call.

Care workers get time to deliver proper care, so go home satisfied that they’ve really made a difference to people’s lives, and they’re more loyal to a company that helps them establish careers with genuine prospects for advancement.

That’s invaluable to Blossom’s franchisees at a time when the industry is finding it difficult to recruit care workers, while the demand for premium care gives them a chance to open more offices and serve an even wider clientele.

Franchisee after franchisee has praised Blossom’s co-founders for giving all the information they wanted within hours of first enquiring, and for being at the end of a phone around the clock to support them.

And Fiona’s visibility as an industry leader and exemplar has added kudos to an already admired brand.

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