Care-above-everything business model attracting franchisees to Blossom

More than a hundred potential franchisees have approached Blossom Home Care in just the first two months of this year.

The enthusiasm comes as the premium care-in-the-home brand prepares to open new offices in the South and South-East.

“People have realised our business is Covid-proof and recession-proof,” says John Leggott, who co-founded the network in the North of England. “They’re getting really excited about the brand and want to be part of it.

“They love it that we pay and appreciate our carers much more, our 50-minute visits mean carers actually get time to care and to build relationships, and we allow franchisees to carry on with their previous businesses if they wish.

“Blossom’s attracting nurses from gridlocked hospitals who see a franchise with us as a great opportunity to deliver the levels of care they joined the profession for.

“And others are turning to us because they tried to find suitable, decent, premium care for their own loved-ones and couldn’t find anything like Blossom offers.

“That’s what happened with one of our newest franchisees. Her mother died without getting the care she deserved, so she became a Blossom franchisee as a way of helping others and investing her inheritance at the same time.

“Another has known Blossom for many years and decided it’s now or never, as she could see the franchise territory she wanted was going to be sold.

“One man wants to build a strong business so he and his wife can give their children a better future, and another who’d been struggling during the pandemic sees Blossom as a Covid-resistant business he and his wife can enjoy.

“Potential franchisees love it that they can pick up the phone at any time, day or night, and speak to one of Blossom’s directors.

“We’ve won award after award and our franchisees know that, by joining us and following our proven formula, they’ll become award-winners, too.”

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