Fiona’s third major award shows Blossom Home Care has the winning formula

Wow, wow, and wow again! Fiona Leggott, a Director of Blossom Home Care, has picked up her third serious industry award, proving just how far she – and our franchisees – are ahead of the competition.

Care Talk magazine, the respected industry publication, organises the prestigious Social Care Leadership Awards and ensures they only go to the best of the best after a rigorous judging process.

So Fiona, our franchisees, and all of us at Blossom Home Care were absolutely thrilled to see her win the Executive Home Care Leader award at a glittering presentation evening.

“I’m humbled, honoured and excited all at the same time,” says Fiona, running her fingers over the trophy that will join the others she’s won for Blossom Home Care.

“The award represents an awful lot of hard work, much of it behind the scenes, and really belongs to all of my colleagues and our franchisees who have made Blossom Home Care into the multi-award-winning business it is today.”

As Fiona is a practising RGN and in charge of operations and quality of service at Blossom Home Care, her award shows just how fortunate franchisees are to be led by someone who is still being acclaimed, time after time, for her professionalism and leadership in such a competitive sector.

Like the others in her trophy cabinet, Fiona’s latest award is a serious one, much coveted in the industry, and reflects the diligence and effort she puts into making running and owning a Blossom Home Care franchise so much easier and so much more lucrative.

“We do what we do for the benefit of our clients, not to win awards, but it’s good for those thinking of becoming our next franchisees to see what our industry peers think of the business they’re considering investing in,” she says.

“We don’t just supply you with a list of instructions and leave you to get on with it; we believe in leadership and setting an example, and I suspect that’s why we keep on winning awards.”

The Executive Home Care Leadership award is given, say the judges, to “a dynamic leader within a group or organisation who can demonstrate strong leadership skills to their managers and staff”.

And Fiona has certainly done that, helping Blossom Home Care develop from just an idea into a burgeoning network of franchised businesses that are highly lucrative, admired in their localities, and much sought-after by potential franchisees who want integrity as part of the package.

Blossom Home Care offers a premium care-in-the-home service for well-heeled clients who expect the best and are happy to pay for it.

That means much longer 50-minute visits, better-paid carers and a willingness to pander to whims that other care providers have neither the time nor the inclination to indulge.

Blossom Home Care’s determination to go the extra smile means it has no shortage of clients, and as an incoming franchisee, you’ll be able to pick your own territory in much of the North and the whole of the South of England.

“Our business model, based heavily on integrity and customer-centric service, means a new franchisee like you will have a good chance of being up there collecting awards yourself if you follow our formula and have the right attitude and ambition,” says Fiona.

“It’s such a fantastic feeling to realise you’re being celebrated by the entire industry for doing the job you love.”

Fiona should know, having scooped the much-coveted Social Care Nurse award last year as well as the equally prestigious Outstanding Contribution To Social Care award in 2019, both in the regional final of the Great British Care Awards.

“The real prize is seeing the relief and satisfaction on the faces of our clients,” says Fiona, “followed closely by the vindication our franchisees feel at having invested in a business that’s really going places and winning accolades left, right and centre.”

We’re very choosy about the people we agree to grant franchises to, as you would expect, as you need to share our desire and commitment to client satisfaction as well as being totally honest and transparent in everything you do.

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