How we’re enabling franchisees to grow faster by welcoming more NHS clients

At Blossom Home Care, we are continually striving to empower our franchisees to grow their businesses as quickly and sustainably as possible.

We have long recognised that expanding the number of NHS-based clients we provide home care services to is a key growth area across the country.

Typically, Blossom offices see a split of 80% private clients and 20% NHS clients. This division reflects a common concern in the home care industry regarding cash flow: in general, private clients pay for care treatment much more quickly than the NHS, which often operates on payment terms that can extend up to 40 days. Many operators are therefore more reluctant to provide services to NHS clients.

Whilst our commitment to providing exceptional home care to all clients is unwavering, relying on a positive cash flow is essential to the sustainability of any business. This has understandably led to most Blossom franchisees prioritising private clients over those receiving NHS care.

An innovative solution to welcome more NHS clients

In pursuit of our goal to provide franchisees with far greater flexibility in growing their business, we are excited to announce a new tool for Blossom business owners to welcome more NHS clients into their care schedules.

Franchisees can now benefit from an invoice finance option provided by Blossom head office. This has been specifically tailored to address the cash flow challenges associated with NHS work. It means franchisees are able to draw down funds on their NHS work, even when dealing with the extended payment terms typically associated with the NHS.

This not only streamlines cash flow management, but also enables franchisees to accelerate the growth of their business. By reducing the financial strain associated with NHS-sourced care, franchisees can confidently welcome more clients – and in turn make even more of a significant positive impact on care needs in their local communities.

Now is the perfect time to become a Blossom business owner

Our innovative invoice finance option approach once more underscores our dedication to finding practical solutions that enable our franchisees to flourish, whilst maintaining our commitment to delivering only the highest quality home care services.

It’s just another reason of many as to why now is the ideal moment for you to seize the opportunity and become part of the Blossom Home Care family. With countless awards to our name in recognition of our unique holistic approach, we are the most exciting home care franchise opportunity in the industry.

Backed by a phenomenal head office team, you will make a real difference in your community whilst achieving life-changing business goals. So we warmly invite you to contact us today and learn more about how you can get started with Blossom.

How can I become a Blossom Home Care franchisee?

If you want to find out more about joining the Blossom Home Care family, get in touch with us today using the contact form on our website. A member of our team will then contact you to discuss the opportunity in greater detail.

As well as gaining the benefit of our immense level of support and expertise, you will be joining a nationally recognised, award-winning company. In doing so, you will become the owner of a highly lucrative, easy-to-run business that will help the local community by changing the face of care in the home.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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