New Blossom Home Care franchisee training moves to the south

The Blossom Home Care franchise network continues to grow at a rapid pace.

With new territories launching in London and Kent in recent weeks and many others in the vicinity due to start operations soon, Blossom Home Care co-founder Fiona Leggott and franchise manager Carri Walters recently carried out their first induction day in the capital.

This important training session took place in London’s King’s Cross Station and brought together new franchisees based across the south of England – highlighting just how much the Blossom Home Care network has evolved from its northern roots.

There’s nobody better placed to explain the importance of the day and what happened than Fiona herself, so here’s what unfolded in her own words.

What happened at Blossom Home Care’s maiden training day in London

“This face-to-face meeting was the first of the 10-day franchise owner training all franchisees must complete when they join the network. All other days are done via Zoom, as this is everyone’s preferred method to finish the course thereafter.

“Although we are based in the north of England, we have territories all over the UK – and as we want to be accommodating to all franchisees (and we’re not shy of travelling ourselves!), we organised this training to take place at a venue inside King’s Cross station.

“I chose here as it was a good central meeting point for our franchisees based across the region, including Reading, Canterbury, and London. Attendees were able to walk straight off the train and into the venue, with everything else we could want or need on site.

“During this essential all-day induction event, myself and our fantastic franchise manager Carri reviewed franchisees’ office progress, created action plans, took photos for marketing materials, and went through tasks and questions on the franchise owner’s manual.

“Meanwhile, I carried out vital skills training on mental health, first aid, stomas, catheters, sheaths, continence products, moisture lesions, creams and more – all of which has been developed in-house from my knowledge and skills in nursing.

“We are looking to undertake training at this venue again soon, as everyone enjoyed coming together from different offices and learning lots of new things at this excellent location.”

What new franchisees made of the training

After the event, we caught up with attending franchisees to find out what they made of their day getting to grips with becoming a Blossom Home Care business owner. Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“The training was really productive and we had the chance to develop very effective information and knowledge regarding what we were doing. I really appreciate the time you gave us for the training. It was fantastic and lovely to meet you guys in person and I’m looking forward to working with you!”
Prajwal Bhattarai, Blossom Home Care Reading

“I was very appreciative of Fiona and Carri taking the time and trouble of travelling to London to hold the induction there. That act displays a level of positive consideration for new Blossom franchisees and their location.

“The actual course content was precise, informative and educational. The subjects covered flowed into each other seamlessly and were presented with obvious depth of knowledge and experience by Fiona and Carri. Each franchisee was handed their Franchisee’s Manual, which is very detailed and full of information and guidance.

“Add all of the above to Fiona’s and Carri’s obvious enthusiasm, cheerfulness, positivity and love for Blossom and it contributed to a very enjoyable and motivating day. Future franchisees can certainly look forward to their Induction Day!”

Brian Hubbard, Blossom Home Care Canterbury

How can I become a Blossom Home Care franchisee?

If you want to find out more about joining the Blossom Home Care family, get in touch with us today using the contact form on our website. A member of our team will then contact you to discuss the opportunity in greater detail.

As well as gaining the benefit of our immense level of support and expertise, you will be joining a nationally recognised, award-winning company. In doing so, you will become the owner of a highly lucrative, easy-to-run business that will help the local community by changing the face of care in the home.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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