New business opportunities that will drive job creation in challenging times.
New business opportunities that will drive job creation in challenging times.
Blossom Home Care Ltd a MULTI AWARD winning home care company is venturing into the world of franchising and expanding nationally!

Blossom Home Care Ltd, a MULTI AWARD winning home care company, is venturing into the world of franchising and expanding nationally!  

Fiona and John Leggott, the co-founders and co-owners of Blossom Home Care Ltd, are developing their brand and rolling the model out nationally so that everyone can experience the exceptional “just bloomin’ good care” delivered by Blossom Home Care! 

John Leggott runs and owns two other businesses and has the skills and drive needed to make anything a success. “We want to find like minded people who want to invest in a business opportunity”, said John. “They’ll have the desire to be part of something bigger, be proud to be part of the Blossom brand, and want to replicate the success of Blossom Home Care across other areas of the UK.”  

Fiona is a qualified nurse with varied experience and knowledge in health and social care. Currently dedicating some of her time as a key worker, working on the frontline in a GP surgery, Fiona received recognition for her work within the social care sector when she was awarded the prestigious, Great British Care Awards, Regional Winner 2019, North East award ‘Outstanding Contribution to Social Care’. 

Blossom Home Care are proud to be a highly regarded, market leading successful brand and have two offices based in Northallerton and Tadcaster. The company’s strong values and ethos helped them win the ‘Home Care Team’ award in 2016 Yorkshire and Humberside regional Great British Care Awards, the 2017 ‘Best Customer Service’ award at the Hambleton Business Awards as well as the ‘Palliative Care Team’ award in the North East, Regional, Great British Care Awards in 2019. 

Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd will offer franchisees the opportunity to represent a multi award-winning brand, in a growing niche market. The comprehensive package offered includes access to a tried and tested formula as well as John and Fiona’s expertise, support and training. The franchise areas are among the largest demographic areas offered in the home care franchise industry and will reflect the model already established. 

Creating exciting business opportunities for people who will become part of the Blossom brand and family as well as lots of employment opportunities around the country.  John says “It’s very exciting to drive job creation of this scale in such challenging times for the economy. In the next 18 months we aim to have 700 people employed under the Blossom brand and, over the next 5 years, the ultimate aim is 7,000 working under the Blossom brand.”  

Which all sounds like a bloomin’ good business opportunity!  


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With a business model that’s tried and tested…

Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd. will award Franchises in protected territories defined by post-codes. These territories have been developed by a professional franchise territory mapping company and are based on the model established in the Northallerton and Tadcaster offices. Each territory has been mapped based on a population density of 100,000 people over 65, ensuring that each Franchisee has an equal opportunity. These territories are among the largest demographic areas to be offered in the home care franchise industry.