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To be successful you don’t need any experience running a business or delivering care

Blossom Home Care is all about giving premium quality care - and, for our franchisees, it’s all about receiving it, too. Our wraparound support begins from the moment you make contact with us.


We’ll help you decide if a franchise is right for you, we’ll help you find the funding, we’ll help you gain your CQC accreditation, and we’ll help you, day or night, with every single aspect of your new business.

The fact that our newest franchisee, Amy Shearsmith, has reached break-even in only her first month as a franchisee - an astonishing achievement in any field of business - shows just how comprehensive and effective our support is.

Carri, our Franchise manager undertook the 10-day personalised one to one training with Amy, additional practical training at her office, set up her computer systems and gave her as much support with her office as she needed. Fiona, our award-winning director helped to evaluate the status of every aspect of the business and helped Amy to set up a plan of action for launch. Whilst John, our director gave business skills and financial training and support. Any of the Blossom team are only a phone call or email away at all times.

Social care workers, nurses or other health care professionals who come to us don’t necessarily have any experience of running a business, while successful businesspeople may have little or no experience of the care sector, so we celebrate what they know and support them with what they don’t.

That can-do attitude we expect from franchisees runs through us, and the result is a network of franchisees who are mutually supportive, happy to share best practice, and perfectly equipped to develop their care businesses into extremely lucrative enterprises.

Wouldn’t you like to part of that?

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