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What makes Blossom Home Care different?

If you’ve ever been a care-in-the-home worker, or managed a team of them, the way we do things at Blossom Home Care may come as a culture shock. Blossom Home Care founder Fiona Leggott is a Registered General Nurse, so our training and support is built around making our care service first-class.

Rather than conveyor-belt 15-minute visits with barely enough time to exchange pleasantries or deliver proper care, we offer relaxing 50-minute visits that give our carers time to care and leaving those clients feeling respected and our carers with their own self-respect intact. Fewer, longer care calls makes life so much easier and so much more profitable for our franchisees, too; less administration means higher profits - as demonstrated by our newest franchisee who’s broken even in her first month.

We’re a premium brand at the top of the market, serving clients who travel first-class through life and are happy to pay for it - and they can’t get enough of us.


“We launched in Durham in 2021 after seeing how successful Fiona and John have been since they founded the business back in 2015.”

Liz, Tom and Roberta Chapman

- Blossom Home Care Durham Franchisees

As a Blossom Home Care franchisee, you will have our support to build a strong client base and grow your hours, plus a territory of your choice that’s large enough to support up to three offices. 

And don’t worry if you feel you’re too young or too inexperienced. So long as you have a youthful, enthusiastic approach and a can-do attitude, we’ll show you everything you need to know and give you wraparound support every step of the way.

We’ll help you find your funding, support you through your CQC assessment, let you carry on in your existing job until the day you start, and be on hand 24 hours a day with advice on any aspect of care or the business.

All of that adds up to a very lucrative proposition for the right person. Could that be you?


More time

Compared with the majority of home care businesses you will require a lot fewer carers, circa 40 staff per £1M sales – which means fewer management staff too. This is because your carer visits will be at least 50 minutes, often longer. More time enables more holistic care and more satisfied clients and staff.


Larger territories

Your territory will be large, capable of supporting three offices so you can build a multi-million pound highly profitable and valuable home care business. Start with one office and once established open your second, then third. You could then sell the asset, or maybe take on another territory.


Boutique care

With longer visits your carers have more time to interact with clients, using our App to report on the detail of every visit. The system handles your invoicing and admin too, while keeping families up-to-date on their loved-ones in real-time, so they can continue their lives satisfied the level of care promised is being delivered.

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