Why Choose Blossom?

We are a genuinely different care brand

By choosing to build your home care business with Blossom, you are investing in a brand that prioritises premium quality care, innovation, and exceptional support.

But they’re not the only reasons why we are the No1 choice for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to build a lucrative home care franchise.

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Efficient operations and higher profits

Our business model is designed to be profitable, manageable, and scalable.

Fewer, longer care calls mean you need fewer clients and carers, reducing administrative burdens and increasing profits.

With circa 40 staff per £1million in sales, you also require fewer managers compared to other similar-sized businesses.

From one office to multiple locations

Once you are fully established in your franchise area, you will have the confidence to expand to up to three offices within your initial territory.

This growth phase is supported by our comprehensive training and ongoing in-territory business growth mentoring.

You then have the ability to build a truly large and influential home care business by adding one or two more prime franchise territories to your portfolio.

We’ll be at your side every step of the way on this journey.

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“We focus on the most lucrative sectors. The competition has it wrong in my opinion – they are all about the care delivery first, where we have always focused on being a profitable business, which can’t be achieved without delivering bloomin’ good care.”
John Leggott
Co-founder, Blossom Home Care

We target the premium market

We’re a premium brand at the top of the market, attracting clients who are happy to pay higher prices for superior services.

This income is complemented by providing care services to lucrative niches of the public sector.

For franchisees, this means achieving high profitability very quickly after launching your business.

A truly holistic approach to care

At Blossom, we believe in providing comprehensive, empathetic care services that improve every aspect of clients’ mind, body, and soul.

A cornerstone of our approach is our commitment to minimum 50-minute care calls for all private clients.

This allows your staff to deliver proper, compassionate care, and build genuine connections with clients ensuring they feel valued and well-cared for.

Embracing advanced technology for superior care

The Blossom Home Care app provides complete transparency of service, from visit times to the client’s wellbeing – giving complete visibility over the care for clients’ families, you, and your management team.

The system utilises the latest in AI technology to save on the time and cost of auditing, in turn improving the consistency of patient records.

Additionally the app also handles invoicing and administration, making your business even easier to run.

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We attract only the best carers

We take pride in our mission to redefine what it means to be a carer. By offering best-in-class training, support, and levels of pay, we attract and retain only the very best carers.

This commitment to excellence ensures clients receive the highest standard of care each and every time we visit.

Nurse-led processes and invested leadership

Blossom Home Care was co-founded by John Leggott, a wealthy Yorkshire farm owner, and Fiona Leggott, a Registered General Nurse (RGN).

John’s personal experience with his elders needing extra care led to the establishment of Blossom, aiming to serve the premium care sector.

John still owns three Blossom offices in Yorkshire, generating circa £5million in annual sales, which also serve as a base for testing, training, and R&D to benefit the entire franchise network.

Our nurse-led systems and processes ensure all our franchises maintain high standards of care. All Blossom offices are rated Good or Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – and we will soon benefit further from the way the CQC is changing the way it rates home care providers.

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What you need to know

Quality holistic care

Minimum 50-minute calls mean comprehensive, empathetic care

Premium market

High income potential from private and public sector clients

Efficient model

Fewer clients and carers mean a superb ROI

Advanced technology

Our app and AI integration enable superior care and administrative processes

Recruit top talent

Attract and retain the best carers with excellent training and pay

Founders’ expertise

Leadership rooted in business and healthcare experience

High standards

Nurse-led systems with consistently high CQC ratings

Multi award-winning

Our franchisees and head office support team have a long history of winning industry awards.

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