"Just bloomin' good care…"
Just bloomin' good care…

Why franchise with Blossom?

Our Home Care is different…

Unlike many domiciliary care companies in the UK, Blossom Home Care is proud to be British owned and managed, offering a high-quality service and good client experience. The geographical area covered by carers are designed to minimise travelling time, where possible, so more time can be spent with clients. 

Fewer clients are required to show a significant number of care hours delivered each week. That’s because the visit time is a minimum of 50-minutes, which reduces mileage and the number of carers needed to deliver the care. This leads to lower overall cost, which helps increase profitability to a level not usually found in domiciliary home care. 

Established to offer the highest quality care to clients with home care requirements, Blossom’s people, processes, and systems set it apart from the rest. The key points that help Blossom to deliver “just bloomin’ good care” are: 

“Blossom’s emphasis is on effective communication”.

All client records are digital, making them easier to access for staff and quicker to complete. All the completed digital care plans, activities, documentation and rota’s are viewable by family, or next of kin that has authorised access, through the Online Feedback System. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world, providing honest and transparent care.

“Blossom create individualised, person-centered, care plans”.

Care Plans are formulated digitally, incorporating risk assessments for each client, at the onset of care. This means that when the need for review arises, and at scheduled intervals, they can be easily altered to ensure a holistic approach to our care delivery and that all client needs are constantly met.

“Blossom’s real time monitoring system”

enables tracking of staff locality to ensure their lone working safety. It also enables time monitoring of care delivery – giving the exact length of visit plus the time the visit starts and ends. Care invoices are raised from the same system maintaining total transparency.

“Blossom’s care calls are a minimum 50 minutes.”

This gives adequate time for a good period of social interaction and allows for all care needs to be met. The clients have more time to do what they ‘want’, with the help of the carer, without feeling pressurised to rush. This reduces the incidence of accidents and falls and decreases the likelihood of loneliness or depression.

“Blossom specialise in delivering care in rural areas and farming communities”

the areas where other care providers can find it difficult to operate.

“Blossom’s clients have set visit times.”

These provide a clear structure for a client’s day, as they know what time to expect the carer. It also helps families to plan around care visits so they know when to telephone or drop by. Set visit times also help Blossom to coordinate joint visits with other health care professionals when required. The promised care is always delivered, reducing worry & anxiety for everyone, through a dedicated management team with 24/7 backup support.

“Blossom recruit the best staff”

selecting those who are kind, caring and skilled, with no criminal record and exceptional references. This safeguards clients and offers peace of mind.

“Blossom designates Key Carers for each Client”.

This provides continuity and enables good, therapeutic relationships to develop between Carer and Client.

“At Blossom Home Care we deliver ‘just bloomin’ good care”

through a professional, experienced, management team leading and training care staff to be knowledgeable and skilled. Undertaking quality assurance methods to provide carer support and monitoring to ensure the best standard of care is always delivered.

“Blossom Home Care will not compromise care for cost”

Blossom doesn’t take on cost driven contracts, with short visit times that aren’t long enough to meet all the client’s needs and provide adequate care.​

The strong values and ethos that John and Fiona have established now set a precedent to both employees and clients and instil a sense of pride in being part of the Blossom family. Blossom Home Care is a highly regarded and successful brand.

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Our care packages are as individual as the people we work with and include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Good Morning, lunchtime, teatime and bedtime visits
  • Washing, showering, bathing, dressing & grooming
  • Encouraging, reminding, assisting & administering medications
  • Ordering & collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy plus returning unused medication for safety
  • Preparation/planning assistance with meals and gentle encouragement to consume food and liquids
  • Client shopping, removal of out of date food 
  • Helping with a to-do list, laundry and ironing
  • General housekeeping, collecting pension, supporting social activities/ participation in hobbies, and helping clients to attend appointments
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s specialist care and support
  • End of life care and support 24/7 care, overnight care and respite care

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