"Just bloomin' good care…"
Just bloomin' good care…

Why franchise with Blossom?

Our Home Care is different…

It’s led by Registered Nurse Fiona Leggott, who has been recognised in the social care sector for her passion and drive for better care standards and unique care model. 

Logic and Passion

A recession proof business that gives back to the local community and makes a difference to people’s lives.

Distinctive Expertise and Know-how

The knowledge, experience and skills of a registered nurse and business sense from a businessman underpins our service.

Accredited Model

We are members of the British Franchising Association (BFA). This means that the BFA have accredited and audited our franchise model.

Proven Leadership

Fiona has received recognition for her work within the social care sector and won the prestigious, lifetime achievement – Great British Care Awards, Regional Winner of 2019, North East award ‘Outstanding Contribution to Social Care’.

Award Winning Brand

Blossom Home Care have won a number of awards including: ‘Home Care Team’ award at the Yorkshire and Humberside regional Great British Care Awards in 2016. Runners up at the Great British Care Awards National Finals 2017, in the ‘Home Care Team’ award and the ‘Best Customer Service’ award at the Hambleton Business Awards. In 2019 the ‘Palliative Care Team’ award was won by Blossom Home Care at the North East Regional finals of the Great British Care Awards. And in 2020 Blossom received a commendation from the National Great British Care Awards for their ‘Palliative Care Team’.

Forward Thinking

Using the best systems and technology to streamline the functioning of the business. Constant research and development helps us to constantly enhance our brand.

Additional Opportunities

Each territory has been mapped based on a population density of 100,000 people over 65, ensuring that each Franchisee has an equal opportunity. Thought and consideration into recruitment of employees and service users including business development.

Blossom Family

A desire to be part of something bigger with like-minded people and be proud to be part of the Blossom brand and family!

Blossom is nationally renowned for its multi award-winning status, which continues to grow an incredible accolade of awards year on year.

Unlike many domiciliary care companies in the UK, Blossom Home Care is proud to be British owned and managed, offering a high-quality service and good client experience. The geographical area covered by carers are designed to minimise travelling time, where possible, so more time can be spent with clients. 

Fewer clients are required to show a significant number of care hours delivered each week. That’s because the visit time is a minimum of 50-minutes, which reduces mileage and the number of carers needed to deliver the care. This leads to lower overall cost, which helps increase profitability to a level not usually found in domiciliary home care. 

To deliver “just bloomin’ good care” our unique model encompasses many different things including personalised, individual care with key carers where “Blossom Home Care will not compromise care for cost”. 

50-minute minimum visit time

Blossom only delivers a minimum visit time of 50 minutes, allowing more time for clients to do what they ‘want’ with the help of the carer, without pressurising clients to rush.

Set visit times

Provides clear structure for a client’s day, as they know what time to expect the carers.

Real time monitoring system

Monitoring care delivery and locality of staff.

Online feedback system

Electronic records and an online feedback system, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, providing honest and transparent care.

This expertise is part of the Franchise Package; as is all the knowledge and experience that John, Fiona and their team have taken years to perfect.

Blossom Home Care Franchising will award Franchises in protected territories defined by post-codes. These territories have been developed be a professional franchise territory mapping company and are based on the model established from the original offices, in which the new franchised offices have successfully replicated. Each territory has been mapped based on a population density of 100,000 people over the age of 65, ensuring that each Franchisee has an equal opportunity. These territories are among the largest demographic areas to be offered in the home care franchise industry. 

Blossom Home Care was established to offer the highest quality care to clients with home care requirements, Blossom’s people, processes, and systems set it apart from the rest

The strong values and ethos that John and Fiona have established now set a precedent to both employees and clients and instil a sense of pride in being part of the Blossom family. Blossom Home Care is a highly regarded and successful brand.

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Our care packages are as individual as the people we work with and include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Good Morning, lunchtime, teatime and bedtime visits
  • Washing, showering, bathing, dressing & grooming
  • Encouraging, reminding, assisting & administering medications
  • Ordering & collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy plus returning unused medication for safety
  • Preparation/planning assistance with meals and gentle encouragement to consume food and liquids
  • Client shopping, removal of out of date food 
  • Helping with a to-do list, laundry and ironing
  • General housekeeping, collecting pension, supporting social activities/ participation in hobbies, and helping clients to attend appointments
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s specialist care and support
  • End of life care and support 24/7 care, overnight care and respite care

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