We offer in-depth training…
in every aspect of owning and running a Blossom Home Care Franchise.​
We offer in-depth training…
in every aspect of owning and running a Blossom Home Care Franchise.​

Working Together

The Franchisees we would like to work with are those who can demonstrate:-

  • flower-single A passion for high standards of care delivery
  • flower-single An aptitude for business and the ability to make a success of their franchise business
  • flower-single An ability to replicate the Blossom Home Care concept
  • flower-single A desire to run their Franchise in a professional and business-like manner whilst being considerate and caring towards employees and clients
  • flower-single The ability to manage the office and lead a team of employees
  • flower-single The ability to recruit, train and retain staff, market and sell the services, Multi Disciplinary Team working, and undertake audits and quality assurance
  • flower-single Good communication skills, being open and honest, and the ability to work on the same level as other people
  • flower-single A desire to be part of something bigger and proud to part of the Blossom brand and family

All Franchisees will pay a Franchise Package Fee to acquire the Franchise, and an ongoing Management Service Fee (MSF), as a percentage of gross revenue, in return for ongoing help and support which includes:

  • flower-single In-depth training in every aspect of owning and running a Blossom Home Care Franchise
  • flower-single Access to the know-how and experience of running a business
  • flower-single Access to business software
  • flower-single Access to professional collaboration, help and advice
  • flower-single Constant R & D to ensure that all services are consistent with Blossom Home Care standards and ahead of competitors
  • flower-single Use of the Franchisor’s name and brand
  • flower-single Continuing sales and marketing support, including social media and website
  • flower-single Regular contact with the Franchisor
  • flower-single The ability to influence policy and receive help if needed
  • flower-single Being part of a group of professionals with advice and support readily available

With a business model that’s tried and tested…

Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd. will award Franchises in protected territories defined by post-codes. These territories have been developed by a professional franchise territory mapping company and are based on the model established in the Northallerton and Tadcaster offices. Each territory has been mapped based on a population density of 100,000 people over 65, ensuring that each Franchisee has an equal opportunity. These territories are among the largest demographic areas to be offered in the home care franchise industry.

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